Circuitous Crossword Capers

Story: Michelle Waldock This was the first time that Brandt had organised a run, so the other members naturally expected great things – and we were not disappointed. Upon meeting at the usual place at the usual time, we were presented with a crossword, a panic envelope and the ‘rules
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Good thing Santa doesn’t use our run notes!

Story: Karen Bradshaw With Christmas fast approaching our end-of-year run was upon us … We gathered at John and Noellene’s in Ballarat and were promptly introduced to the newest addition to their family – a ball of fluff named Ted, who instantly stole everyone’s heart. Neil came
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Cascading into Christmas!

Story: John Waldock There seems to be something about end-of-year runs that gives them a life of their own. In the past we have had wine tastings, raffles, nice runs in the country and Christmas lunches to die for. The planning for this year’s Christmas run started modestly. We would
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Summit to the Sea

Story: Ron Gillick Day 1 Early on a brisk Saturday morning, 12 cars assembled in the car park of McDonald’s in Wodonga. We had several visitors from the Western Victoria Chapter and one from Central Chapter, all looking forward to a run from one side of the State to the other and back
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Northern Tassie’s sumptuous Christmas

Story: Kelly Berggren We celebrated Christmas this year with a short run through some fine roads around Mole Creek, Mt Roland, Sheffield and Barrington, with a finish at Carl and Kelly’s place on the hill in Aberdeen.   Our cars watched the view from the sheep paddock next door and we
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Going to Gunns Plains

Story: Sandra Tillack Keith and I, usually fairly well organised (Keith’s influence), had nominated a meeting time of 9.15am at our usual Devonport meeting venue. However, a late night had us scampering around at the allotted time with a flat iPhone and no car charger in sight. Reluct
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Father & Son bonding … at 180km/h!

Story: Murray Seymour Not long after submitting my online MX-5 Club membership registration request and answering positively to the question regarding any interest in motor sport, I received a phone call from (then) Club Captain – Motor Sport, Robert Downes. He suggested I come
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Heading to Huonville

Story: John Waldock So again the Chapter assembled, in sunshine no less. November’s run was taking us on a bit of a Southern Tas classic, down through the Channel area and back to Huonville, then on to Home Hill winery for a tipple or two. The day began well, with the run organiser [m
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Springfest at Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree 2013
Story: Noellene Gleeson We arise at 7am and can’t believe it … it’s “Springfest Sunday” – and the sun is shining! How wonderful … the last two years for this event, the weather was like the middle of winter. John and Jeff are meeting up at Lake Wendouree at 8.30am to set u
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Supporting the CFA

Story: Alan Bennett In the deadly 2009 bushfires that devastated Victoria, Strath Creek CFA lost two firefighters in the onslaught from the ’perfect storm’ that swept the area. At that time their firefighting capability was restricted to a water tank on the back of a ute and their bas
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