The trek north-west to Bendigo

Story: Bob de Bont Round 5 of the NGK Victorian Motorkhana Championship for 2012 was held on 5 July, hosted by the Holden Sports Car Club of Victoria. The MX-5 Club was represented by Troy and Tony Heasly in Troy’s NB8B, and Bob de Bont in his NB8B. We set off from the BP Outbound on
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High-octane ballet at the Island

2011-12 Championship | Round 1 Phillip Island Sprints ~ 30 June, 2012 We had so much rain in Melbourne over the past few weeks leading up to our first Club Sprint of the new MX-5 Club Motor Sport Championship – it would definitely be all rained out by Saturday for Phillip Island, givi
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Groundhog Day at Pakenham

Story: Bob de Bont Round 3 of the NGK Victorian Motorkhana Championship for 2012 was held on 13 May and hosted by the Victorian Mini Club at the Pakenham Auto Club grounds in Pakenham. There was fine weather leading up to this event, however the heavens opened on the Saturday night pr
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Western Vic Chapter turns 3!

Turtons Track 2012
Story: Noellene Gleeson We are outside our home in Ballarat and the sun is shining. Yes … shining! MX-5s start arriving, 11 in all from Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Melbourne. Bronwyn and Geoff present us with a helium balloon with a large “3” on it. A very lovely
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Lots of corners, not many turns

Mt Buffalo Chalet 2012
Story: Gerry Engwerda Fabulous – the sort of day where you can put the top down right at the start and not have to think about it again for the rest of the run. The start, incidentally, saw us at the Java Café in the main street of Yackandandah (yes, there is such a place), where the
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The “pretty blue car” is no handicap!

Story: Bob de Bont The road trip north started on Saturday morning at 5.30am, with breakfast in Echuca before heading on to Deniliquin for scrutineering by 9am. As has become the standard, the Sunday motorkhana was preceded by an autocross. This time it was a round of the Deniliquin A
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One “L” of a run

Story: Grant Butler This run was a chance to have a joint run with the Central Chapter. The Eastern Victoria group of five cars left Yarragon and wound their way over the Gippsland hills to Loch for the rendezvous with the Central group, which had left from Berwick. Our group, while s
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Smooth equals fast …

Racecraft Training & 2011-12 Championship | Round 7 Training – Winton ~ 3 March, 2012 | Winton Sprints ~ 4 March, 2012 Story: Gary Prescott With floods engulfing northern Victoria, Saturday was looking ominous as rain fell all Friday night in Benalla. Arrival at Winton on Sa
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Are you mad?!

Story: Noellene Gleeson That’s what was said to us when we were leaving a friend’s 60th birthday party on the Saturday night. We were saying our goodbyes at 11pm because we had the bags packed, our little car facing out in our driveway and were heading from Ballarat to Dandenong
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Best of times at the best of tracks …

2011-12 Championship | Round 5 Phillip Island Sprints ~ 11 December, 2011 Story: Robert Downes Over 50 MX-5s “attacked the Island” in what was the largest-ever turnout at one of our Club motor sport rounds. Ten of those were from the NSW Club and it shows that the track is something s
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