Ferry across the Mersey

Words & organiser: Lawrie Pitt ■ Photos: Jill Steer, Lawrie Pitt, Alana McDougall Uh Oh! The old favourite “U”-turn … again! This time high in the Mersey River valley in Tasssie’s Central Highlands. Note: returning back along a great road though, gives another great road, b
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Ice creams in the bush!

Story: Bruce Harvey The cryptic title for this run came from a spur of the moment decision to have a drive into the Narawntapu National Park, where the “Bottle-Brush Snacks” caravan was discovered on the edge of the bush waiting for the hungry and thirsty tourist – so the decision to
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Magical Mystery Tour 2.5 …

Story: Alana McDougall Once upon a sunny October day in northern Tasmania where all roads were built for the MX-5, a group of eager MX-5 drivers and navigators met for what has become our annual Mystery Run devised by Alana and Trevor. With all participants having been forewarned to e
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Northern Tassie’s sumptuous Christmas

Story: Kelly Berggren We celebrated Christmas this year with a short run through some fine roads around Mole Creek, Mt Roland, Sheffield and Barrington, with a finish at Carl and Kelly’s place on the hill in Aberdeen.   Our cars watched the view from the sheep paddock next door and we
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Going to Gunns Plains

Story: Sandra Tillack Keith and I, usually fairly well organised (Keith’s influence), had nominated a meeting time of 9.15am at our usual Devonport meeting venue. However, a late night had us scampering around at the allotted time with a flat iPhone and no car charger in sight. Reluct
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Circle work around Deloraine

Story: Bruce Harvey Ominous black clouds were approaching from the south-west as we enjoyed a coffee and waited for the last of the convoy to arrive at the designated meeting point alongside the Meander River in Deloraine. A couple of the members had been around the local car dealersh
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