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If you have a specific MX-5 mechanical question, we recommend you talk with a Mazda dealer or check the mx5cartalk forum, which has a host of technical information on it. You can also post a question on the forum, which is visited by the most ardent MX-5 enthusiasts in the country and is bound to get you the information you need.

There is also a wealth of technical information in the “Garage” section of the “” website.

Otherwise, you are welcome to e-mail queries to the Club (via this link) and we will do our best to get you an answer. Remember, though, that we’re all volunteers, so it might take a little time. And while some of our people know a great deal about the MX-5, we make no warranties or representations about any of the information provided.

Members’ technical articles – as published in mxtra






Other Stuff:

  • Convoy runs: Think the convoy runs are too fast? Most likely it’s the “elastic band effect”. Read Dr Will Campbell’s explanation
  • For some other helpful articles on the MX-5, visit Rob Spargo’s “Know Your Car” series on the “” website. Rob’s topics include:
    1. Thermostat
    2. Spark plugs
    3. Oxygen sensor
    4. Back pressure, exhaust velocity and scavenging
    5. Tyres
    6. Idle dip (1.6L NA model)
    7. Gear and differential ratios and tyre sizes
    8. Fan belt (1.6L NA model)
    9. Timing advance (1.6L NA model)
    10. Piston acceleration and piston velocity



Car Care:

AG Group write occasional articles in mxtra on car care, cleaning and detailing:

To find out more about AG Group’s product range or to seek advice, go to either or

DISCLAIMER: The Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania Inc., its Officers and Committee cannot be held liable for any errors and/or omissions in articles, reports, notices, advertisements, comment and advice of events that are published in mxtra in good faith. It should be noted that the publication of an advertisement, or expression of views in articles and reports, does not necessarily imply endorsement by the Club of the advertised product or service or the views expressed in any articles or reports published in mxtra. The Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania Inc. has not tested the products, equipment or services mentioned in the articles and makes no warranties or representations about any of the products or their purported uses. All “Tech Talk” information is provided as a guide only; all work is carried out at the owner’s risk.

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