Test Page for Using TryBooking for On the Day Registration

Basis of this solution is that everyone must pre-register, even if there is only a slight chance that they may attend.
i.e. pre-register and decide on the day if attending or not.


  • Stays as it is (TeamUp Calendar) with Chapter Captains (or members!) adding events
  • Chapter Captains get a notification where a member submits an event, the event will not go live until edited and moved by a Chapter Captain
  • Social Captain and Admin get a notification so that event can be checked and edited if needed plus adding link for pre-registration
  • Test Calendar

Pre-Registration using TryBooking (alternative to JotForm)

  • Social Captain or Admin add a new event based on details in calendar
  • The process is simple as a previous event can be cloned, only event name, run leader/s, dates and times needing to be changed and new Pre-Registration link copied and pasted in TeamUp calendar
    Test Event Link
    Event session tickets automatically sent to person pre-registering – each ticket contains an event QR code
  • Chapter Captain / Run Leader can send an email directly to all pre-registered attendees either immediately or at a later date with additional information as needed
    No need to extract email addresses to send as all those registered for a session will automatically get the email.
  • Waitlist automatically created

On the Day

  • Each event needs a person responsible for scanning of tickets / checking members in
  • Each event needs a phone/tablet with the TryBooking Scanning app installed
  • Everyone (i.e. both attendees) present their tickets or phone for scanning – simple operation that takes seconds to do – and no-one has to use their own phone!

After the Event

  • The Run Leader or Chapter Captain sends an email to the Points Officer with details of Run Leaders, etc.
  • Points Officer runs a report detailing name and membership number of those who have attended the event and been scanned/checked-in


  • Calendar stays as it is
  • Pre-Registration
    Booking notifications go to the Chapter Captain & Run Leader/s
    No additional work needed to create separate event pre-registration and on the day event registration in JotForms (or to maintain on the day registration forms)
    Members can ‘return’ tickets – useful where numbers are limited
  • On the Day
    Very simple and fast scanning in process


  • Pre-Registration
    Needs members to enter the same name as on their membership tag – to make process easier for Points Officer
  • On the Day
    Ensuring everyone is scanned in
    For those who forget their tickets the scanning app can be used to check-in attendees who have pre-registered
  • After the Event
    Run Leader/Chapter Captain needs to send an email with details of roles
    Points Officer has more work to do in reconciling members names if nicknames, etc used in pre-registration.
    Points Officer will need to link attendees with member lists – a bit more work to set up than now